Sunday, 7 February 2016


 Okay! So I have been planning to start my blog for a couple of weeks now. I am new to all this stuff and have been trying out things for the blog to be perfect when it goes public.  So after juggling between a couple of themes since the last few weeks, I have decided to go ahead with the current theme. I am not entirely convinced about it but LET IT BE THAT WAY is what my mind is screaming right now. !!! True.  I can always change it whenever I want.  So that’s about it!
Now moving on, first of all thank you for visiting this site. THIS section details all about this site and the author – your truly. But that not all about it. There have been a friends  who have helped in trying out all the  launching it.        
So let's start - i always dream about travelling the world.. actually who wouldn't. there are so many reasons to   why everyone should enrich their life with around the world travel, which can also be taken as our motivation for doing what we do        
My idea of travelling the world starts from home. well i am from NEW DELHI and i will explore the amazing capital in my style,  that means i am a traveler and a biker too.
i will travel the road of INDIA by my new ROYAL ENFIELD 

 It will be a great adventure for me, and i will be sharing it with all of you guys. I will also talk about food and photography in my blogs. stay tuned 
I need your suggestions that where should i start my journey in DELHI.. 

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